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Chemistry Library Building 125 - tel. (206) 543 0210 / (206) 543 7585

Werner Kaminsky faculty profile

Res.Assoc.Prof. (2000-20) W.Kaminsky

Device:  Nonius Kappa CCD

Status:   operational (Mo-tube)

            accepting samples

Device:  Bruker APEX II

Status:   operational (Mo-tube)

            accepting samples

We aim at delivering publishable reports with full documentation once a sample diffracts. We accept applications from outside campus and can arrange for a non-disclosure agreement.

KappaCCD computer screenScreen of APEX II         Server Computer

CCD Kaminsky's Office   public since 1.1.2005   The Camera shows the         Nonius Kappa CCD X-ray diffractometer         and Bruker APEX II X-ray diffractometer APEXII

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 support through NSF Grant 0840520