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Chemistry Library Building 125 - tel. (206) 543 0210 / (206) 543 7585

Werner Kaminsky faculty profile

Res. Assoc. Prof. Werner Kaminsky

Device:  Nonius Kappa CCD

Status:   operational (Mo-tube)

            accepting samples

Device:  Bruker APEX II

Status:   operational (Mo-tube)

            accepting samples

We try to do structures on a 60 hours basis (2 1/2 days), that is the time it takes from receiving a sample to returning a final, publishable report and all documentary information. We accept applications from outside campus and offer confidentiality or can arrange for a non-disclosure agreement.

The Camera shows the
Nonius Kappa CCD X-ray diffractometer
and Bruker APEX II X-ray diffractometerScreen of APEX II
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LabCamKaminsky's Office  public since 1.1.2005  KappaCCD computer screen APEXII

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