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Free Video Call / remote PC / presentation / file transfer / movie tracker - all-in-one Software

Werner Kaminsky

Office (206) 543-7585  Lab (206) 543-0210

REMSEM was designed to simulate teaching a class, with the teacher being remotely connected. REMSEM allows to run presentations remotely, take movies of this, create presentation movies offline with high compression, remotely control a computer, and freely transfer encrypted files between any computers. Basic features include bi-directional sound / video / file sharing, clipboard synchronisation and remote desktop access.


Note: REMSEM requires direct access to the remote computer (see below) and provides only for deriving connection details an IP-username service.

How REMSEM connects:

REMSEM requests an identifier like the email address at program start. To connect, retrieve this email from your contact he used and use that when starting to give a talk. REMSEM then retrieves the active IP of the remote computer via a name server and  connects directly to the other machine - no server in-between - all automatically build into REMSEM. 

  • Easy to use,  free, optimized for teaching, working from home, and  presentations

  • No signing up, no server in-between: ENCRYPTED connection: only for retrieving a computer's IP address is a third-party server provided; for convenience only, if wanted

  • Remote office capabilities including ENCRYPTED drag-and-drop file up- and downloading, clipboard synchronisation, full keyboard and mouse support

  • Bi-directional sound / video, unrestricted PowerPoint presentation remotely controlled by the speaker with shared mouse and keyboard

  • REMSEM allows to save a movie or audio of the talk online or offline

  • presentation quality layout without frames and disturbing buttons

  • REMSEM uses only little internet bandwidth and works inter-continentally (15 kilo bytes per second  for the sum of incoming and outgoing data) for the highest image and sound quality (about only twice of a dial-up connection)

  • Automatic detection of audio driver, camera, or DSL-modem and works even without cameras attached and automatically reconnects in case of trouble



3.46 MB - free  (university project - no resale allowed) 


Windows (98) /  2000 / XP / VISTA / Windows 7 - 10), 10MB space on hard drive for installation, internet connection via DSL, cable, or LAN, installed windows compatible web cam of any brand, installed soundcard + microphone, Powerpoint, 128MB Ram. Runs on PC of any brand, MacBook Pro with Windows XP (Boot Camp utility)

Firewalls and ports

REMSEM uses several ports of the internet connection. To receive a talk, any firewalls and modems need to be configured allowing these ports (specified in the help files) to accept incoming calls; to give a talk, the firewall needs to let outgoing calls initiated by REMSEM pass through these ports. Companies which usually have very restricted internet and port policies may need to acquire a DSL modem for running the internet separately from the company network and a computer not connected to the company network to safely open these ports for using REMSEM.


Check out features and how to use REMSEM via this Powerpoint presentation


Check out REMSEM via a movie created with REMSEM (XVID 4.817 Mbyte, 10 minutes)


Learn how to make movies with REMSEM (MPEG 3.69Mbyte 6 minutes



Reasons for getting REMSEM

  • Want to have access to office computer from home
  • Want not to have to pay for file exchange between computers
  • Computer network fails, need to share files.
  • Need to give a lecture but cannot go because of the weather, an illness, being on a conference
  • Ran out of travel funds to visit
  • As a single parent can't just leave to give a talk
  • Need to invite a famous speaker who would allow but a few hours of his time to speak to a class
  • Organize a conference and want to give speakers a way to participate who at the last minute got problems to come 
  • Do not like to travel but want to speak to another group
  • Missed your flight or flight got canceled
  • Got to give two talks almost the same day at different locations
  • Need to give a series of lectures on a regular basis at a far remote location
  • Presentation includes movies, programs, VRML, JAVA or other animations
  • Do not travel to reduce fossil fuels consumption.
  • Seminar representative is inexperienced in things like video conferencing and needs a really easy to handle software
  • Want to share photos with friends
  • Need to show how to handle a program installed on a client's computer

In remote office mode one would see the whole screen of the connected PC

  • Drag and drop multiple files to and from the remote PC
  • Edit in Word or other applications
  • All (normal) keyboard and mouse functions supported
  • Run programs remotely
  • Bidirectional audio contact while working remotely
The picture on the right shows the program on the  speaker screen during connection with the sample presentation running.

The class (seminar side) will see similar images like the one on the right which fills the whole screen with a video of the class and that of the speaker.  

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