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Demonstration site for milliview

This Page shows examples of measurements employing image multiplexing (US Patent 7522278).

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Theme Filesize  Describtion  Show 
Demo-Movie 29MB  Author  START
Cyclops Waterflea, |sin(d)| 1,8MB  Birefringence  START
Cyclops Waterflea, I/I0 0.97MB  Transmittance  START
Cyclops Waterflea, |sin(d)| 6.33MB  Birefringence  START
Cyclops Waterflea, phi 16.6MB  Orientation  START
Walljet, |sin(d)| 12.8MB  Set-Up  START
Pinching glass, |sin(d)| 0.536MB  Birefringence  START
Foil Vibrations, |sin(d)| 3.17MB  |sin(d)|/time  START
Electro-optics conoscopy 5.76MB  Set-Up  START
Cooking meat and eggwhite 1.832MB  Birefringence  START